Young People’s Advisory Group

What is the Young People’s Advisory Group?

YPAG a group for bereaved young people to get together and meet others who have also experienced the death of someone important in their life. We meet regularly to work on projects to create resources that will help other bereaved young people. Sessions are free to attend. You just need to have access to transport to and from the group and be aged 11-25. The groups take place after school in the evenings, between October – May. We currently have Young People’s Advisory Groups in Milton KeynesNewham East London, Runcorn Cheshire and Saunderton Buckinghamshire.

What happens at the group?

It is not a ‘sitting around talking’ group and it’s not ‘counselling’ – it’s a group of like-minded people meeting up and doing something positive to help others based on our own experiences. There are no expectations of you when you join the group. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to, and participation is always voluntary – you get what you want from it. At the start of the project we talk about issues we would like to address. Then we plan how the project will be developed. In the past we have designed and developed digital resources, including short films aimed at parents, teachers, friends and other bereaved young people (about what is and is not helpful). The charity organises technical support, such as filming equipment and iPads, to help us make these digital resources. The group takes the lead, with facilitation and support where needed from Child Bereavement UK’s Youth Worker and other staff and volunteers from the charity’s bereavement support service.

Here are some tips YPAG gave to bereaved parent and former captain of the England football team Rio Ferdinand that were featured in the BBC1 documentary ‘Being Mum and Dad’ –

How to join us

Want to know if the Young People’s Advisory Group is for you? Then get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Email: or call 0800 02 888 40.

What’s the best thing about YPAG?

“Being here, just coming.”

“Talking about what’s happened to us, if we want to.”

“Having fun.”

“Attending functions and fundraising events.”

“Meeting new people.”

“Knowing you’re not the only one whose Mum or Dad has died.”

“Meeting people in the same boat.”

“Eating pizza!!”


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