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It’s a tricky thing grief, the way it lulls you into a false sense of security. You think you are coping, managing it, learning to live with it. Then, it knocks the wind out of you. Reminds you that it was riding in the back seat just waiting for an opportunity to jump in the front. Most people struggle with the anniversary of a persons death but for me it’s the anniversary of the funeral. I guess it was the finality or it, the last goodbye. Opportunity lost, knowing all those questions would go unanswered for eternity. Realising your child’s life has been changed forever and the person who could and should love them as much as you, is no longer there. #bereavement #grief #gonebutnotforgotten #deathofaparent #childbereavementuk #onemoreminute

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If I had #OneMoreMinute to listen to this giggle ⭐️ @childbereavementuk

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Please head over to @childbereavementuk and support their ‘one more minute’ campaign. Here are my words for Child Bereavement UK in memory of my dad who was murdered when I was 12yrs old. I still miss him to this day and always think about what I would say to him if I was to see him again. I now see it as my obligation to raise as much awareness as possible for amazing charities such as @childbereavementuk @winstonswish and Cruse. I believe that from negative experiences come positive outcomes and I want to help as many young people as possible who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Please support this fantastic campaign #onemoreminute #childbereavementuk #bereavement #lovedones #loss #children #parents #mum #mother #dad #father #losingaparent

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Absolutely loving this campaign. If you had #OneMoreMinute with the one you lost, what would you do or say? I crave physical closeness with Joshua. I am constantly trying to connect with and remember his kicks, the feel of his skin and his smell. I cannot connect with these parts of Joshua so easily anymore. All I have are vague, fragmented, morphine fueled and sleep deprived memories. Photographs and his memory box help, but living with the pain of not being able to feel him ever again or remember what that was like is frankly unbearable. Please donate to #childbereavementuk at today to support bereaved children, young people and families. #OneMoreMinute #childbereavementuk #neonatalloss #grievingtogether #expressyourgrief #bereavedmother #joshuaslegacy17

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Please share your #OneMoreMinute and together let’s get more people talking about bereavement. It could be a video of yourself, a picture of the person you would want to talk to, or just a few words. Each one of us will have our own way to express ourselves.

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