How to handle special occasions

Tips from young people

  • Too many emotions? Share them
  • I like to take my mind off it – TV, playstation, go outside

  • Watch a good film or TV programme
  • Choose something that belonged to the person who died that you can treasure

  • Listen to music that you like
  • Create your own space as sometimes it can get too much and you can feel there is nowhere else to go

  • It’s ok that sometimes you may want to talk about it and other times you may not want to
  • Spend time with friends

  • Spend time with your pets
  • Write about or draw your thoughts, feelings and memories

  • Memory books or boxes can be really helpful
  • Think about all of the good times you had with them

If you would like to talk to others there are online message boards and forums for bereaved young people. Sometimes just reading others’ stories can help you to see that you are not alone.

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