Making an online donation to Child Bereavement UK is quick and easy. Please complete and submit the form below and your payment will be processed by our provider Blackbaud. If you have any questions, please call Child Bereavement UK on 01494 568914.

  • £25 enables us to answer a call from a father unsure how to tell his 6 year old daughter that her mummy is dying
  • £60 provides a couple with a support session after their teenage son has died by suicide
  • £100 enables us to train a volunteer to help in our children’s support groups
  • £130 helps us train a police officer or paramedic to offer support after a sudden death
  • £300 enables us to run a group session for parents to share emotions and experiences in a supportive environment, after the death of their baby or child

Make your gift count for more
If you are a UK taxpayer, paying income tax or capital gains tax, you can make your gifts worth almost 25 per cent more, at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is check the Gift Aid box below. For every £1 donated, Child Bereavement UK can claim an extra £0.25 from the Inland Revenue.