cbcteachergroup2Child Bereavement UK has an extensive range of resources available. Please see below the various information sheets and resources to support educational professionals when dealing with a bereavement in the school.

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1. Special educational needs – Communicating the truth

Children with learning difficulties are sometimes assumed to need protection from death and dying or not to have the capacity to understand. To a certain extent this can be true, but we often underestimate their abilities to cope with tough things in life. The challenge is finding creative ways to communicate when words are sometimes not appropriate.

Example of a Special School Bereavement Policy.

Information sheets:

2. Pre-bereavement: When a family member is not expected to live

Children who are constantly in and out of hospital welcome attending school as an opportunity to have some normality in their lives. Continuing to take part in school routines can give a feeling of achievement, with the emphasis on living rather than dying. It can also give back a sense of identity as a person, rather than as a patient.

Information sheets:

3. Forces’ Families

To provide an overview of the range of loss experiences Forces’ families face, with particular focus on bereavement.

4. Bereavement in the workplace – A staff death

This is one of the most common factors that can impact employee’s performance in the school workplace.  Even the most senior personnel can feel de-skilled in situations of bereavement, and colleagues can struggle with what to say and how to behave when a staff member returns to work in a school.

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