Child Bereavement UK has an extensive range of information sheets and other resources available to Primary Schools when supporting a bereaved pupil.

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Schools’ Information Pack:

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 Information sheets:

Resources, books, lesson plans and training:

  • Elephant’s Tea Party provides Primary teachers with lesson plans they can use to begin to equip all children, whether bereaved or not, with the tools to help them cope with loss and bereavement, now or in later life. Sign up now for your resource pack via

  • Helping Children Think about Bereavement Book helps Primary schools start conversations around the subjects of loss, death and dying. It is a ‘before it happens’ book. Dying and death are seen as natural processes and it is okay to talk.
  • Cross-curricular activities – For example: English Literature, History, Music
  • Whole school award-winning online learning, supporting bereaved pupils – training for the whole school to complete an online bereavement course (approximately 1-1.5 hours) to improve confidence, knowledge and understanding around
  • Pastoral Support Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Fink cards – specially developed thought-provoking question cards around the subjects of Loss and Change that have been designed to get people talking by creating great conversations.fink-cards-photo

If you need any further support and information please ring our helpline on:
0800 02 888 40