working-with-bereaved-familiesWorking with families who are grieving can be immensely difficult. This is especially true when a baby or child is involved. It demands a particular kind of response, for which few people feel adequately trained or supported to offer.

Poor care can exacerbate and prolong families’ distress, whilst care that is sensitive and appropriate can help families in their grief. The effects of this are positive and long lasting.

We believe that it is imperative to support the carer in this stressful and emotionally draining work. Our emotions often mirror those of the family. To work in this capacity it is important that we reflect on our own experiences and needs, and our attitudes to death and dying.

Reflecting on and being aware of our reactions to situations helps us to better understand our strengths and weaknesses. There are no set answers or ways of dealing with a particular situation. We are continually learning from bereaved families and finding new ways in which we can support them.

Child Bereavement UK trains and supports professionals and volunteers whose work brings them into contact with bereaved families.

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