During the 2012 – 2015 project, we made contact with a range of professionals and practitioners across Middlesbrough. We held a Bereavement Awareness study day at the Chinese Community Centre in the heart of the city. We also forged links with Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency as well as the manager of the local CDOP (Child Death Overview Panel) – who arranged several training sessions for local children’s practitioners from across health, education and social care. We were really pleased to offer those sessions as other inroads into the infrastructure of Middlesbrough were proving frustratingly difficult.

The people of Middlesbrough were warm and welcoming but the city was reeling from the wounds of recession and industry closure. Cutbacks meant even local authority posts were at risk and personnel changes continued throughout our project – therefore we were not able to pull together a stable Advisory Group.

Fortunately, Child Bereavement UK has recently received new funding to support our work in four more areas of deprivation so we will return to Middlesbrough for three years and endeavour to leave a solid legacy of bereavement support for the community.