The death of someone important can be devastating for any child but, for the children of families in the Armed Forces, there are additional challenges. Civilians do not always appreciate the very different way of life associated with being in the Forces. The information on this page has been put together with input from some of these families to help others understand what they, and their children, need to help them at a time of great sadness.

It applies for any death that affects a Forces’ family, not just those that occur in action. Forces children often experience multiple losses whilst they are growing up anyway. They may have already faced disruption to their schooling due to postings every two years or so. Therefore, having to move house, or even country, quite quickly as a result of a death is doubly hard during what is already a very difficult and stressful time. Leaving familiar surroundings, and friends, can be stressful and isolating for the children and their families at a time when understanding from those around them is crucial.

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Why Do We Have To Move?

Why Do We Have To Move?

Author: Joy O’Neill
Written to support any child worried about moving, especially in the Armed Forces

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