A Precious Love Memorial Fund can be a positive and simple way for family and friends to create a lasting tribute to someone’s life.

The Precious Love Memorial Fund is named after the person who has died, and becomes a permanent memorial to them. Whenever you, your family or friends donate to or raise money for Child Bereavement UK, your donations will be added to your ongoing fund.

The fund can be set up on the internet so that other people can see it, or can be kept private, so that only you and those you choose know about it. You can, for example, ask people to make donations on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

We will place the name of the person who has died in our special Book of Remembrance and will keep you regularly updated about your Fund. When it reaches £500, we will send you a Precious Love Rose dedicated to the person you are remembering.

To create a memorial fund please contact the Fundraising team on 01494 568 949 or email fundraising@childbereavementuk.org.