Child Bereavement UK is committed to the principles and standards required by The Information Standard and has been certified as a quality provider of health and social care information.

The Information Standard scheme shows NHS England’s commitment to improving the quality of health and care information that is available to the public, patients and health and care professionals.

They believe information that is clear, accurate, evidence-based, up-to-date and easy to use allows people, patients and communities to become better informed and more involved in their health and care.

The Information Standard was developed in response to the large amount of health and care information available to the public and patients. Any organisation achieving The Information Standard has undergone a rigorous assessment to check that their information production process generates high quality information.

Members of The Information Standard also receive the right to display the Standard’s logo on their information. This acts as a quality mark and helps people easily identify reliable, high quality information.

Child Bereavement UK produces many freely downloadable information sheets and accreditation by the Information Standard demonstrates our adherence to appropriate processes and production methods to ensure our materials are accurate, accessible, impartial, balanced and based on available quality evidence. We can now display the Information Standard mark on all our new or revised information materials.

All new and revised Information sheets developed by Child Bereavement UK will carry The Information Standard logo. However, other parts of our website, including user-generated information, are excluded from the standard. Child Bereavement UK is responsible for the information on our website and neither Capita, who operate the scheme, nor the Department of Health, who own the scheme, have any responsibility for the accuracy or relevance of this information.

You can read more about the Information Standard scheme on The Information Standard website.