Ollie died in a tragic accident at 3 years old. Alex talks about how she and her husband had to begin their lives again without him.

Andrea’s son Thomas died suddenly at the age of 5 of a cerebral aneurysm. His organs were donated.

Bob’s two year old son Simon was killed by a car.

Ferzana’s son was stillborn.

Jan’s baby son Michael died at 4 and half months. Jan talks about post mortem examination and organ retention.

Jim and Elspeth
Baby Lindsay was a victim of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

John and Eileen
John and Eileen talk about the sudden death of their adult son Nick.

Kate’s baby Josie died as a result of a virus. Josie had a 2 and a half year old sister.

Lou’s son Bobby was stillborn.

Louise and Paul
Louise and Paul’s twins Betsy and William, died in a tragic freak accident.

Nadine’s son Benny died from a head injury at the scene of a car accident aged 11.

Nicola’s son James was stillborn.

Peter talks about dealing with the death of his baby son Gus who had hypoplastic left heart syndrome and contracted an MRSA infection in hospital.

Sandra and Bob
Sandra and Bob’s adult daughter Lucy died in the Bali bombing.

Sue’s son Paul died in a car accident two months before his 19th birthday.

Theresa’s son Boyd died aged 20 from injuries sustained in a car accident. Theresa also talks about arranging a funeral independent of a funeral director.