Finding support

Who do I ask and how?

Who you ask for help depends on who you trust or who you feel comfortable to approach. You may want to find a time when you and this person can have a space and time together, away from others.

What kinds of help are available to me?

  • Counselling and Bereavement Support
  • School pastoral team or trained teaching staff
  • Peer Support
  • Message boards and Forums

If you would like to talk to someone about help and support contact us on 0800 02 888 40 or email us. Your call or email will be confidential.

“Even though I appeared old enough to cope I felt really helpless.”
Megan, 21, whose best friend died

“Child Bereavement UK has been a great help to me and I have to thank Sue for all the help she has given me.
My dad’s death still upsets me and I miss him every day but Sue has helped be come to terms with everything.
Now I’m using my loss to help others understand what bereaved teenagers go through.”

Amber, whose Dad died when she was 17

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