Suitable for paediatric trainees ST4 – 8

Would your deanery consider hosting this training day for you? Child Bereavement UK can deliver this workshop, which has scored highly in evaluations, on-site at your deanery; it has been developed to give doctors a better understanding and improved communication skills to support parents and families facing loss. Doctors tell us that an invaluable part of the day is hearing from bereaved parents, through this they gain deep insight into the family’s perspective.

Bereavement training for paediatric trainees in the London Deanery

Bereavement training days are also available regularly to paediatric trainees in the London Deanery, London Specialty School of Paediatrics see both Part 1 and Part 2 days.

For more information please email the training team or call on 01494 568909.

RCPCH accredited bereavement training days

Please visit the RCPCH website for details of the ‘How to manage’ series of training days.

“A very useful and interesting day, almost the most time I have had to stop and consider the emotional impact of child death, both on parents and on myself, despite regularly seeing children die. Thank you very much” Delegate at RCPCH workshop.

To book a place, please use our course search to find upcoming dates. Alternatively, you can email the Training Department or call us on 01494 568909.

If you are interested in attending this type of training but can’t attend these sessions, we can we keep in touch with you, just by email, to give you updates about our upcoming training, special events and conferences. If you wish to receive these please sign-up online.