Dealing with your feelings

Whatever you feel is how you feel. You may experience a mixture of feelings all at once. It helps if you can learn to recognise your feelings.

You may feel……

Numbness when you think you should be feeling very upset. Lots of young people have told us they feel numb at first.

Loneliness. Try spending time with your friends. You are not being disloyal to your family or the person who has died

Worry, perhaps about the future, who will look after you, your siblings or your parent? You may find yourself talking to the person who has died about these worries.

Anger. There is not always an easily understood reason for it but it is perfectly natural to feel it.

Guilt and Regret. It is very normal to think that you could have done more or that you should have behaved differently. It was not your fault and there is nothing you could have done to prevent the death.

Confusion about the way everything in your life has changed.

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