This is a selective, comprehensive, modular course which consists of 6 sets of 2 full-day units over 8 months.

OCN London (Open College Network) Accreditation at Level 6

Applicants interested in the course should email the training team with their interest.

Applications would be invited by end of June, with selection interviews (telephone/skype) taking place in July/August.


The main aim of this course is to enable professionals to develop a range of practical techniques to work effectively with bereaved children and young people according to each child or young person’s individual needs.

This course is delivered through a variety of methods – group work, facilitated workshops and presentations, the course is highly interactive and students stand to gain a great deal from their shared experiences and ambitions.

Course leaders

Ann Chalmers, Chief Executive, and Dr Ann Rowland, Director of Bereavement Services, Child Bereavement UK, are highly experienced facilitators and specialists in child bereavement. Students will also benefit from the specialist knowledge delivered by visiting speakers and facilitators.


Students will be expected to complete an application form and attend a selection interview. Successful candidates will be combining formal study with a high degree of autonomous, work-based learning, much of which will be required to be undertaken in their own time. Each student will be assigned a tutor for support in their assignments and course work.

Learning outcomes

  • Critically assess models of child development and their application in the context of bereavement support
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect critically on working safely and creatively with bereaved children and young people
  • Reflect upon and evaluate the significance of the unique family and cultural context of supporting bereaved children and young people
  • Articulate the significance of endings in relation to working with bereaved children and young people
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect critically on their own practice and that of others in working with bereaved children and young people

Course requirements

Students will be required to be in a supportive working relationship with children/young people from unit 4 onwards of the course. The opportunity to bring practice experience into the training environment enriches the learning experience for the whole group. Students must be able to attend all course dates to successfully complete the course.

Who should attend?

This course is open to anyone who works with or wishes to deepen their understanding of the needs of bereaved children and young people.

How to apply

If you are interested in receiving information about this course, please email the training team or call on 01494 568926.


Each unit of the course will be two full-days. If you are traveling from a distance you may prefer to stay locally to the venue the night before.

The course was intimate in the sense that the group was large enough to learn from the varied experience of other students, but small enough to feel safe and able to share worries. Each module was informative, interactive and a pleasurable learning experience which challenged my thinking and practice. I would highly recommend the course for those who currently work in bereavement, but also those who want to expand their skill set and gain a better understanding of the importance of supporting children and young people during a difficult time.” Jodie, St Giles Hospice

Please use our course search to find upcoming dates. Alternatively, you can email the Training Department or call us on 01494 568909.

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