Child Bereavement UK has an extensive range of information sheets and other resources available to Primary Schools when supporting a bereaved pupil. 

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Schools’ Information Pack:

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 Information sheets:

Resources, books, lesson plans and training:

  • Whole school award-winning online learning, supporting bereaved pupils – training for the whole school to complete an online bereavement course (approximately 1-1.5 hours) to improve confidence, knowledge and understanding around
  • Pastoral Support Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Fink cards – specially developed thought-provoking question cards around the subjects of Loss and Change that have been designed to get people talking by creating great conversations.fink-cards-photo
  • Specific training for staff and schools; Various options for support and training for educational professions e.g. Grief and Bereavement in Schools, Suicide – The impact on Families, Sudden and Traumatic Bereavement, Children and Young People with SEN and many  more. See Bereavement training section.bereave-training

If you need any further support and information please ring our help line on:

0800 02 888 40 / 01494 568 900